Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stories About Your Grandkids

Buddy the Dragon Slayer
I have written stories about my grandkids, as I have mentioned, but the ones I truly love are the ones that they can really relate to. I wrote a story about "Buddy the Dragon Slayer" for my grandson who has cystic fibrosis, to show him how brave I think he is. He has to go through daily physio (while the others play) and has to take several pills (which he takes like a champ). He sometimes has tummy aches too, but he braves through it all. This story is to take him away from all of that even for a moment...and he knows "Buddy" is about him (I have always called him Buddy). I have written two stories about Buddy and am onto the third.
I have also written a story for my other two grandchildren. My granddaughter's book is about Vampires, when she was into that, but I made it a story about "making decisions in life" and doing what's best, and not just doing what your friends want you to do.  I also wrote one for her friend and called it "Snowgirls" (like snowmen) and I included all of the 'BFF's' in it. I also wrote one for my younger grandson about himself and how quiet he usually is, but if he was upset, everyone knew it, and could hear him (throughout the neighbourhood and even in the neighbourhood zoo ha ha). I didn't even realize it until the last time I went to visit, that he asks his mom to read that one to him all the time. 
These are the most special books for me... 

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