Friday, January 15, 2010

What's in a Name?

One of the first questions I was asked after I found out I was going to be a Grandma, was, "What do you want to be called?" I had always thought that I would like to be called Granny because that's what we called my mother and she was one of the greatest Granny's I know of - and definitely was loved by all her grandchildren. I added "ie" to the end of my "title" because I liked the look of it better - and I told everyone about it beforehand. If the "other Grandma" has decided on the same name though, it can still work out. You can call yourself Grannie Lynn or Grannie Crosbie - or maybe someone will decide to choose another name. There seem to be a lot of titles to pick from (Nanny, Grandma, Grammy, Oma, etc.), so do some research and see if there's one you like better. Whatever name is decided on, remember that your grandchildren just might have other ideas about what you are going to be called and that can also be a fun way to decide on a name... Whatever happens, this is a fun and exciting time in your life and when you finally get called your chosen title, whatever it is, it will feel wonderful. Enjoy!


  1. As soon as I knew I was going to be a grandmother, I wanted to be called Granny. I could just imagine my grandchild saying, "I wuv you Gwanny." The only problem is now that my grandson is a year old he has started to call me "Baw Baw" and it just might stick.

    Many years ago when my aunt became a grandmother, she popped over to her daughter's house to see her young grandson and she was wearing a Santa hat. When he saw her he called out, "Ho Ho" and to this day all her grandchildren call her Ho or Hosie.

    I guess Baw Baw isn't that bad afterall...

  2. If you want to be called a particular name, then you have to be persistent. My granddaughter and grandson both called me Nanny at one point and I thought about giving in, but I really wanted to be called Grannie. My granddaughter (3) now calls me Grannie but my grandson (only 2), is stuck on Gannie, for the timebeing, but I have no doubt he will get there. On the otherhand, as you’ve mentioned, some of the cutest and most distinctive names come from the ones that your grandchild may call you at an early age before their vocabulary has fully developed and if that sticks (and you are happy with it), then go with it…

  3. OK Grandma First here:
    When i new I was going to be a grandma I was wondering what it was going to be like, my own kids were allready 19 and 25 years of age, I was 53 when being a grandma, my first grandchild was a girl name Malika, she is now 5 going on 6 this year 2010, 3 years later a grandson came along name Dean , both born the month of August , he's going on 3 this year 2010, Malika goes to school and Dean to daycare, which is nice for me cause they live with this grandma and grandpa,so am with them more than the other grannies , on weekends we go sliding sometimes, or there at there other nanny and bobblie's place, I know what a name "HA" Malika likes show and tell at school,and singing songs, Dean I heard likes his friends , and have fun playing dressup, so see it's less on me , at home I know movie time, and Malika like playing games on her mothers lab top, also got alot of toy's that they have that's learning time , "HO" I forgot Malika is speaking french alot, am glad of that, cause her mother and uncle Shawn, speak the french, thanks to papa there (FATHER) well comeing to a end on my grandkids, Lynn (Grannie)just want to say love what you started, hope i can keep up, your sister Brenda.