Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1-2-3 of Disciplining

One of the disciplining methods my daughter-in-law uses is counting to 3. One day my granddaughter was continuously getting up from the table at dinnertime, so I decided I would try it on her, and I began, 1 – 2, and I hesitated before going further... Suddenly, my grandson pipes up and says, “3”. I was trying to be serious about this, so I decided to ignore him and I started counting again but this time after I said 2, he stood up and pointed right at her and yelled “3”, as if to say, you already did that Grannie, I want to see what comes next! Well, that was it – we all burst out laughing.

If you spend enough time with your grandchildren, disciplining them will be something you have to deal with. Using simple methods like counting to 3, using time-outs, or even taking something away from them for a bit, is something you may have to do. I have so much fun with my grandchildren that I hate to say anything bad to them, but I also know that sometimes it’s necessary. You definitely shouldn’t go overboard with disciplining, but you should set some limits as to what you will tolerate before you say something to them. With grandparents, that limit is usually a lot higher than parents, but then again, we’re not with them 24/7.

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