Sunday, January 31, 2016

Flat Stanley

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? 

I didn't, until one day when I was looking for something different to do with my grandkids who live a distance away from me. 

Well, we have had so much fun with "Stanley" (as we call him) over the years.  First, when I went to visit my grandkids I would get them to hold Flat Stanley (or hide him) and I would take a picture.  When we went to visit their school, I took a picture of "Stanley" in their little cubby/locker...  Then, when me and my husband (Grampy) went on holidays, we would take "our" Flat Stanley with us and take a picture.  Some of the other people even knew who Flat Stanley was and would say, "Oh yeah, I know who that is.  Who are you sending the pictures of Stanley to?"  So, it's not just our little secret afterall, but it is a great way to communicate with your kids or grandkids about the places you go and for them to see that you have a life too ha ha  We have taken him on all of our trips but even take photos in our own hometown and in our own yard. 

I also tried to incorporate using Flat Stanley in photos of things that I am involved in like the Terry Fox Run and then I would tell them the story about Terry... or Remembrance Day and take "Stanley" with me when I went to an event and then would tell them a story about what Remembrance Day means and ask them what it means to them.  I even hid "Stanley" in trees when the leaves were changing colour and then talked about "Fall" and the changes that occur on maple trees (in Ontario, Canada). 

The possibilities are just have to remember to bring him with you, but if not, just draw a Stanley (doesn't have to be good) and snap a picture!  Or make up your own character and tell the kids this is Stanley's friend...or your new friend.  It's a good way to tell a story about something that you like to do, and feel free to get your friends involved (everyone loves doing it).  Also a good way to educate your grandkids on geography, history, or events that have meaning in all of our lives.  You can "hide" him or have him out in the open.  That part is up to you...  Watch the excitement on your kids/grandkids faces when you do send pictures of him...that part is well worth it.

Other people have used things like pictures of a cat, dog, or a character that you all like (and it could be one that you made up too!).  It's all about taking photos and telling a bit of a story. 

HINT:  Do a Search for "Flat Stanley printable" and you will get a cut-out of him to use.  Best to print on harder paper or getting him laminated so that he doesn't get wrecked.  You can colour him or get your grandkids/kids to colour him.  Believe me, it will be worth it!

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