Sunday, January 31, 2016

Poem for Grandchildren

I did this poem for my grandchildren to give them some insight into my life as a child, but to also share some "Words of Wisdom". You can make a poem for your grandchildren too. I am sure they will enjoy it when they get older (or when their parents - or you - read it to them).

From your Grannie
Your Grannie is someone, who loves you a lot
And in her heart, you will always hold a big spot
But who was I, when I was little like you
What did I do for fun, and did my dreams come true?

When I was born, I was a little bit chubby
I had fair skin, and black hair that was fuzzy
The nurses took one look and said, she looks liked Snow White
And my mother was proud and she said they were right

I grew up in a house, that was pretty small
With five brothers and three sisters, it was always quite full
I didn’t have a lot of toys, because there was no money to buy them
But I always had something to play with, because I used my imagination

School was fun, but days off were better
We always played outside, no matter the weather
Winter meant tobogganing, and skating too
And sometimes we would build a snow fort, that we crawled into

Summer was for swinging, and climbing up trees
And going for swims, at the river down the street
We didn’t have lots of paper, so wrote stories and drew pictures in the sand
We would finish one chapter, then wipe it off with our hand

I was always afraid of heights, and I didn’t like the dark
We had a farmer’s field to play in, but it wasn’t a park
We had to use an outhouse, no real toilet for us
We didn’t have a car, so we walked, biked, or took a bus

We would all sit around, our little black and white TV
Once a year we watched The Wizard of Oz, and in one part I would scream
I dreamed of being a Princess, with lots of beautiful dresses with frills
I wanted to be Cinderella, living in a castle on a hill

Did my young dreams come true, well, not really you see
But I’m not sad about that, no, not in the least
Life isn’t about money, or the things that you want
It’s about health and love, and being happy with what you’ve got

Always be yourself, your friends should like you that way
Put your shyness on the shelf, and speak up when you have something to say
Every now and then, give someone a surprise
And always be willing to compromise

Love your family…and love yourself!

To my Grandkids who truly make me happy!

Love, Grannie

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